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chandy varughese, Canada 2012-06-03
Appreciation and thanks giving
beautiful site...as well as thanks to the Church for bringing up us in the base of true Spiritual values. Let the Church grow more so that the dispersed seed will plant and grow fruitfully where ever they will be placed by the LORD Almighty.So that when we step in, Nations too will be blessed. God Bless May 23,2012

Sajimon M K, INDIA 2012-01-29
Congratulations..............Really wonderful site. God bless you all the team worked behind this web site.

Mary Daniel, USA 2012-01-29
Well Done
Awesome! As a stream in the deseart, may the Lord use IPC Kuwait to quench the thirst of millions of souls with the living water flowing from it. Great appreciation for the expertise of the webmaster

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