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Guest Book

Mary Daniel, USA 2012-01-29
Well Done
Awesome! As a stream in the deseart, may the Lord use IPC Kuwait to quench the thirst of millions of souls with the living water flowing from it. Great appreciation for the expertise of the webmaster

Pastor Shaji Daniel, USA 2012-01-29
Excellent site. Its not just a website, but a missional motivation for the visitors. May our good Lord bless IPC Kuwait and everythign they do for the expansion of God's Kingdom.

Rev. Prem Masih, India 2011-10-22
God bless
I came to know about IPC,Kuwait through Internet, It is unbelievable what God has done in Kuwait through your wonderful ministry.Truely I want to visit you and your ministry face to face. Thanks. God bless you

James, USA 2011-10-22
You have put the right quote of Mr. Smith on your mission page . But, a church of this capacity , should invest more in missions. I appreciate you for what you guys are doing as a church for missions and I believe , you should reset the priorities to invest more in missions . James USA

Pastor Ruben Rasaili, Nepal. 2011-09-27
Pray for Nepal.
Dear Pastor, When I see your websites, I was encouraged. Actually to introduce myself, I am Pastor Ruben Rasaili serving Lord as Pastor in Ambas Smyrna Church in Nepal and by God grace We are leading a Tribal Mission in Nepal by name Mission for Tribes and Nations. We are working among Chepang Tribes people in Nepal. We have passion to reach every unreach parts of Nepal and share about Jesus to every one. so i Sir, If you want to begin your Ministry in Nepal, we Invite you Nepal

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