Our Cell Groups

Our Cell Groups

One of the keys to building up a strong church is to nurture closeness and unity among believers. When numbers increase, this goal is practically difficult to achieve. We have developed a "cell group" system in order to cater to this growing need of the church.
The individuals and families attending the church have been allocated a cell group in their area where they can gather and fellowship, once a week, on Tuesdays. These gatherings typically occur in the intimacy of homes on a rotational basis. Presently there are 14 cell groups. The cell groups and their coordinators are as below:

Serial Prayer Cell Coordinators
1. Bethany Jojen Jose
2. Bethel Shaiju John
3. Carmel Rishi Alex Jacob
4. Gilead John Varghese
5. Kadesh Amith Mathews
6. Mahanaim Finny V Jacob
7. Moriah Benny Baby
8. Peniel Jacob Oommen
9. Philadelphia Cyril P Cherian
10. Rehaboth Iylin Issac
11. Salem Stanley George
12. Sinai Alexander M.Mepurathu
13. Tabore Rejimon Varghese
14. Zion Shinu Mathew

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