Sisters' Fellowship

Sisters' Fellowship


The Sisters fellowship of IPC Kuwait has been formed to strengthen the Spiritual relationship in between our  sisters and to encourage and promote them to live in the intimate bond of Christian unity. This fellowship help our sisters to value their role in the building up of Christ's church and its Spiritual growth. Also encourage each other to form a Christ centered home at their own domiciliary and to develop the next generation with Christian personality by sowing the Word of God deep into their hearts at the appropriate time.

Our sisters fellowship convenes every alternative Friday at various areas from 5.00 p.m to 6.30 p.m and experience the love of God through intercessory prayers, Psalms reading and meditation and the hearing of the word of God.Our sisters fellowship extends their hands to the needy and poor and help many of the widows in India.

An active council of 10 members are working for the Lord in this ministry. Members for the current year 2023 - 2024 are

President : Pastor.Benson Thomas

Secretary : Sis.Annie George

Treasurer : Sis.Nisha Chacko

Jt.Secretary:Sis.Elsie Thomson

Committee Members

Sis.Elcy Benson

Sis.Gemini Varghese

Sis.Jane John

Sis.Jobi Nobin

Sis.Soniya Mathew

Sis.Susan Vinod


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